The worship and office building
We are proud to be a part of the Interfaith Hospitality Network - Family Promise
Our youth cook for Family Promise
supper club
Noah\'s Park in September - a St. Francis Guild ministry for pets
One of the offerings at Noah\'s Park in September
Lenten Fish Fry - Beth, Jenny and Lowie
The Friers
Wine Tasting & Art Show, 2013
The Choir

The mission of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer is to shine the light of the gospel upon our congregation, our community, and our world. To that end, we are a welcoming community that provides to all an opportunity to serve and to be served in the name of Jesus Christ.



Welcome to the website of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. We are glad that you have found us.

Redeemer is a welcoming community. Some of us have been Episcopalians since birth, while most of us came from other traditions or were baptized as teenagers or adults. We come from various walks of life, philosophies, political persuasions, and approaches to theologies. We are bound by our participation in a liturgical community and our commitment to “serve and be served” in the name of Christ. The Holy Eucharist (Communion in some traditions) is our primary Sunday service.

We have developed this website to tell you a bit about us. Take your time here and visit often as we add new things. Should you wish to get to know us better, you can accomplish this best by joining us in one of our services. We hope to see you soon.

If you do not wish to join us at this stage of your journey, go in peace. We pray that you will find God in the various places that you visit.



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